Things to consider

1. Notice
The STA has previously advised that if you are resigning from the District (e.g. to work in another district) you are only required to give 30 days’ notice ahead of the start of the next school year. You can, of course, give more notice of resignation or retirement.

2. Benefits
Whether you are retiring or resigning from the District as of June 30th, or if you make your final decision during the summer and resign or retire as of 30 days before the start of the new school year, you are covered for Extended Health Benefits (EHB), Dental and MSP through September 30th. Don’t forget to make arrangements for coverage beyond that date in a timely way.

3. Remedy
If you’re still owed remedy that you weren’t able take this year, the STA has negotiated a payout for teachers who are retiring or otherwise leaving the District, because there is no other way for them to receive this remedy that they are owed, after this year.

4. Preparation Time
If you have outstanding preparation time that was lost, and not recovered by the time you’re scheduled to leave the District, please contact the STA office and let Matt Westphal know so that we will have a record of it. The STA will advocate on your behalf regarding your lost prep time, but we cannot guarantee that your lost prep will be paid out at this point.

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