Whether it’s information on working alone, sick leave or what to do on a Snow Day, the Surrey Teachers’ Association is committed to ensure that a safe workplace exists for all teachers.

We do that by supporting the joint health and safety committees and liaising with School District Staff to:

    1. Promote safe work practices
    2. Assist in creating a safe and healthy workplace,
    3. Recommend actions which will improve the effectiveness of the occupational health and safety program, and
    4. Promote compliance with WorkSafeBC Regulation

    For more information, visit our Site Based Health & Safety Committees.

We do that by being aware of our rights according to the Workers Compensation Act

    1. The right to know the dangers in the workplace
    2. The right to participate in workplace health and safety activities
    3. The right to refuse unsafe work
    4. The right to no discrimination. You cannot be fired or disciplined for participating in health and safety activities.

    Learn more about how to file a WCB Claim.

And, we do that by providing information Health and Safety Training

Learn more about BCFED Training.

If you have a Health & Safety question or concerns, please contact the H&S Officer at hs@surreyteachers.org or call the STA office at (604) 594-5353.

Common Health and Safety Concerns