BCPSEA – BC Public School Employers’ Association. The accredited bargaining agent for school boards. They bargain with teachers and support staff /CUPE.

BCTF – BC Teachers’ Federation. Provincial representative of more than 37,000 teachers. Our provincial bargaining agent.

Continuing Assignment: An assignment at a particular school or site that continues from one year to the next. The assignment is subject to changes in enrollment (see system initiated transfer article E.27). Normally these assignments are obtained through successful transfer in Round 1 or 2. Continuing assignments may be awarded in Round 3 when there were vacancies remaining (not filled) after round 1 and 2 (see article E.26.6).

Continuing Contract: (see article C.27)  All contracts in Surrey are continuing which  means an obligation from the employer to provide work from year to year when available or to layoff according to the collective agreement.

Conversion Article: (see article E.22.4) Essentially if an assignment continues for more than 75 days or it is known that it will continue for more than 75 days a continuing contract with a term specific assignment will be awarded.  (Note:  Only 72 days are required due to the shortened school year when five days of school closure are added after spring break.)

Layoff: (see article C.21)  When the district does not have a sufficient amount of work for all teachers on continuing contracts, it may layoff according to seniority and qualification. This process is explained thoroughly in article C.21. Teachers who are laid off may apply for EI.

Long Term TOC Assignment:  An assignment that is for less than 75 days.  Some years  it’s 72 days or 73 days depending on the number of school closure days added to spring break.

Necessary Qualifications: (see article A.20.5)  “Necessary qualifications” in respect to a teaching position means possession of a valid teaching certificate for the province of British Columbia, and a reasonable expectation by the Superintendent of schools, based on the teacher’s university education or equivalent training and classroom experience, that the teacher will be able to perform the duties of the position from the commencement date of the assignment and, where the Superintendent deems it appropriate, a written commitment by the teacher to undertake a Pro-D program related to the position to achieve a more fully qualified status relative to the new assignment within two (2) years of accepting the position.

Preference Form: An agreed-upon form used to guide placement in assignments in cases of system initiated transfer or when placing teachers who require assignments for a variety of reasons. The form asks for subject, grade, and geographical preferences.

Priority TOC: A continuing contract teacher who is not working in a term or continuing assignment. There are a number of reasons this may occur. Priority TOCs have full collective agreement rights.

Recall: (see article C.21 and LOU) As work becomes available teachers are recalled in order of seniority and qualifications. Offers of work are made via email and usually followed up by phone. Members have 48 hours to respond exclusive of holidays and weekends.

Seniority date: (see article C.2) The date of the beginning of your continuous service with the district. Includes time worked as a TOC “on scale.” This is listed in the Teachers’ Record of Seniority.

Term Specific Assignment: (see article A.20.6) An assignment of more than 75 days and up to 1 (one) school year. Usually awarded in Round 3 postings (blue bulletins, online), through TOC conversion (see above), by placing continuing contract teachers who did not obtain an assignment in round 1 and 2 (after any continuing assignments were awarded), or when recalling teachers who have been laid off.

TTOC: (see article B.2)  A teacher who is assigned on a day to day basis in this district. TTOCs have only select collective agreement rights. TTOCs may apply to Round 3 – Term Specific and Special Bulletin Postings as well as Long Term TOC postings.