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Pro-D Rep Training The STA is holding half-day virtual training sessions
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September 24th and full day of virtual training for
our Rookie Reps on October 14th, 2020.
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Latest News

  • Supervision during lunch?

    We have received calls informing us that principals are planning to have teachers supervise lunch eating with their classes so that older students don’t enter the cohorts, or so that kids are not eating in a common area. According to our collective agreement we have a duty-free lunch break, so teachers are not required to doRead more

  • “Blended transition” model staffing process

    Principals have received information about the parent demand for this program and reorganizing schools to the extent required. Our position is that class size and composition limits apply to the elementary blended learning groups. The blended transition groups will mostly be assigned at each school from the staff at that school. In small schools or where there isRead more

  • Accommodation requests, denials and what next questions

    If you have requested a Covid19-related accommodation to work remotely from home due to your personal health or family member’s health concerns, and if your request has not been approved by HR, we are collecting this data to share with the BCTF for continued advocacy with the Ministry. Please email us with this information at more

  • STA face shield and mask distribution to all members

    In the summer we ordered STA-branded face masks and shields, and we have enough of these for one of each per STA member. We have communicated with our reps at each site on Tuesday, asking them to find out from members in their site the number of STA face masks and face shields requested. Reps will be facilitating theRead more

  • Timetables, Blended Transition, and Consultation

    Earlier in August the schedule for Secondary schools was announced, and this week a change to elementary and Grades 8 and 9 was announced, which includes an option for parents to choose a more gradual return to school for their child(ren), called a blended transition program. It is still not known how many parents will opt for this. We were able toRead more

  • Summer work by your union leaders and colleagues

    Advocacy takes work and we would like to thank  The 25 teachers from across the province providing advice to the working groups at the Ministry  Elementary and Secondary teachers who met with senior management regarding the September plans  Our 6 Local Reps to the BCTF who attended a Special Representative Assembly August 28th  Various Surrey teachers who attended the BCTF Summer Conference  Our executive for meetingRead more

Grievance: Failures-to-Fill

The STA has filed a grievance regarding the District’s practice to direct non-enrolling teachers to cover failure to fill for classroom teachers. The STA is therefore collecting data to support this grievance by requesting that staff reps regularly report failures to fill. In an effort to make this task as quick and efficient as possible, we have created a new format for reporting failures to fill.

The Advocate

The Advocate is a seasonal publication for members. The Advocate contains a report from the President, information from the table officers, updates, and information on current educational issues and issues of importance to Surrey teachers.

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