The STA’s Executive Committee is made up of 20 teachers. There are 13 members who volunteer many hours in their roles as Local Representatives to the BCTF (6), Members-At-Large (5), Secretary-Treasurer (1), and the TTOC Representative (1).

Additionally, there are 8 Full-Time Table Officers, who work tirelessly to support the 5800+ members in Surrey. They are there to answer any questions you may have, and provide support you may need. Officers are members who have been elected to serve full-time in the union office.

President Matt Westphal STA
First Vice President Julia MacRae STA
Second Vice President Jatinder Bir STA
Grievance Officer Joanna Cerazy STA
Grievance Officer Mark Keelan STA
Accommodations Officer Dana Neidig STA
Health & Safety Grievance Officer Gavin Slade-Kerr STA
Professional Development Officer Erin Coleman STA
Professional Support Services Officer Kevin Amboe STA
Secretary-Treasurer Kelly MacLean Dosen Spare Board & TOCs
Local Representative to the BCTF Angela Marcakis Creekside Elementary
Local Representative to the BCTF Rick Kumar Panorama Ridge Secondary
Local Representative to the BCTF Marilyn Ricketts-Lindsay Don Christian Elementary
Local Representative to the BCTF Annie Ohana L.A. Matheson Secondary
Local Representative to the BCTF Thais Cabral Cindrich Elementary
Local Representative to the BCTF (Ad Ed) Lizanne Foster Queen Elizabeth Secondary
TTOC and Early Career Rep Ziyad Shukri Spare Board & TOCs
Member-at-Large (Aboriginal) Jacquie King Lena Shaw Elementary
Member-at-Large (Member of Colour) Amrit Sanghe Queen Elizabeth Secondary
Member-at-Large Gavin Hainsworth North Surrey Secondary
Member-at-Large Katelyn McCloy Martha Currie Elementary
Member-at-Large Violette Baillargeon Johnston Heights Secondary