Your salary and benefits are provided for as Terms and Conditions of employment under your Collective Agreement with the Surrey Board of Education. The information here is for your reference.

Category and Experience

Teachers are reminded to check their monthly pay stub to ensure that Payroll has you on the right category and experience scale on the salary grid. This information is located on the bottom left of your paystub.

A reminder that pursuant to Article 47.22 of the Collective Agreement, teachers must file, in writing, to both the STA’s Economic Welfare Committee and the District’s Human Resources Department, their intent to claim for non-teaching experience within six (6) weeks of the effective date of their appointment to the school district.

Work in early childhood education, social work, the armed forces and in some other areas may be considered as related experience which will be credited on the years of experience scale on the salary grid.

Important Salary & Benefits Information

Additional Benefits Information

Adult Education Teachers