The importance of Union Representatives at job-sites cannot be over-emphasized. They are the front-line connection and support to members and fulfill a vital role in our union. Training is provided to assist representatives in the various aspects of the job, and the STA office is always there for advice and assistance.

We have an amazing network of dedicated, hard-working reps and are hopeful that many will continue on in this role. It is always good, however, to “bring along” new members, so if you’ve thought about stepping into the role this year, please give this serious consideration. To learn more about their role and functions, please visit our site-based union representatives page.

Reps should be elected at school union meetings as early as possible. Pro-D reps, Health & Safety reps, Social Justice reps and Staff Committee chairs can be elected at the same meeting.

If you have never been a Union Rep, and would like more information, you can talk to someone at your school who has been a Staff Union rep or call the STA office at (604) 594-5353.