As a member of the Surrey Teachers Association and the BCTF, you are entitled to the rights that have been negotiated by your union. Most of these rights are contained in the Collective Agreement.

In a unionized workplace, the grievance process is the normal method for settling disputes regarding employee rights.  Sometimes disputes can be resolved through an informal discussion or problem-solving process. The formal procedure is outlined in Article A.6. Unions depend on members bringing forward issues in order to actively defend the Collective Agreement rights of all teachers. If teacher rights are violated, and the union takes no action, it can be difficult to enforce those rights later.

The STA has two full-time Grievance Officers, elected for a two-year term in alternate years.  Currently, the grievance officers are Kelli O’Malley and Amrit Sanghe. Seven additional members are elected to the Grievance Committee, which examines grievance issues,  makes recommendations, and receives training in defending the Collective Agreement.

Members are encouraged to contact the STA Grievance Officers directly or through their Staff Reps to ask questions about teacher rights, to discuss concerns, and to seek ways to solve problems informally or formally.

Common Grievance Topics

For all other general grievance inquiries, please contact the STA office at (604) 594-5353.