There are numerous STA committees you may wish to get involved with including Status of Women, Anti-Poverty, Pro-D, Teachers Interested in Multi-cultural Education, Labour Affairs, and International Solidarity. Teachers meet, vote on proposed actions, plan events, attend community events together, and make recommendations to the Executive committee. To learn more, view the full list of STA committees and their descriptions.

The Executive Committee is elected at our spring General Meeting in May. Normally, other committees’ members are elected for 1 or 2 year terms at the STARA meeting in September. However, they can be elected at any STARA meeting throughout the year. All meetings of all committees are open to any member to attend as a guest, so why not come and find out what a committee you are interested in is discussing! Members may also be appointed to a committee by the Executive Committee to fill an absence.

To access this process, please complete the Curriculum Vitae Application form and email