co-sponsored by the Surrey Teachers’ Association & School District 36

Many teachers find supportive, understanding colleagues at their schools. To help support and formalize those relationships, the STA and the School district sponsor a Teacher Mentorship program. This is a wonderful opportunity for new teachers to benefit from the expertise of a more experienced colleague, someone with a sympathetic ear, and someone who will be there to answer their questions. For mentors, working with new, enthusiastic teachers is always a rewarding and re-vitalizing opportunity—you will undoubtedly find yourself rejuvenated by their optimism and energy! Please consider signing up as a mentor or new teacher at Mentor36.

Who can join?

    • Mentees – new contract teachers, and new to role, we are developing what support look like for a TTOC mentorship version.
    • Mentors – experienced members with more than 3 years of teaching experience.

What does it involve?

    • Partnerships – If you already have someone in mind you would like to work with, please submit your applications together. If not, we try to pair people up with someone at a nearby school, who is teaching similar grades/subjects.
    • Commitment – attend 4 after-school whole-group sessions and informal meetings/communication with your partner.

How to Apply

To join, please visit Mentor36. You can access Mentor 36 on the School District Hub.

For more information, please contact the Professional Support Services officer, Pauline Veto at or call the STA office at (604) 594-5353.