In the summer we ordered STA-branded face masks and shields, and we have enough of these for one of each per STA member. We have communicated with our reps at each site on Tuesday, asking them to find out from members in their site the number of STA face masks and face shields requested. Reps will be facilitating the distribution in their sites. If you don’t have a rep in your school or the rep has not initiated the request process, perhaps offer to help as they may be overwhelmed with all their start up duties. We hope by early next week all requests will have been filled.   

Masks and face shields for TTOCs will be distributed at pick up points after school hours, and TTOCs will have received an email outlining this process from Dana Ebtekar, our new TTOC rep on the Executive. If you are a TTOC and you have not received this email, contact Dana at to make sure you are on his distribution list.  

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