Each year the STA budgets so school staffs can claim some costs of snacks for in-school union meetings. Since we can’t be sharing food or even meeting in person this year, the Exec decided the money budgeted for that should be distributed to schools to be used as the STA reps and members in each site decide. Here is the motion:  

THAT in 2020-2021, staff rep(s) at each school site facilitate a fair, transparent, and equitable decision as to how to spend the funds allocated for ‘refreshments at school union meetings’ to be voted on at a school union meeting. Elementary schools and Learning Centres would have $160, Elementary schools with over 600 students would have $200, and Secondary schools would have $240. 

Staff reps are encouraged to have a meeting at your site to determine what funds can be allocated to, such as to encourage attendance at STA meetings, release time for reps, hygienically distributed snacks (individually packaged), draw prizes etc.  

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