The BCTF is inviting members who would not otherwise be attending the 2022 BCTF Summer Leadership Conference as part of the commitment in creating an equitable and inclusive union. The purpose of the BCTF Summer Leadership Conference is to develop local leadership while focusing on BCTF priorities. This year, the summer leadership conference themes will focus on Recovery, (Re)connection, and Appreciation.  

The following members are invited to apply: 

• 10 attendees who are members in their first five years of teaching  

• 10 attendees who are members who identify as Racialized or IBPOC (Indigenous, Black, People of Colour).  

During Summer Leadership Conference, opportunities provided may include sessions such as Professional Autonomy, Engaging and Informing Members Through Local Newsletters, Creating an Antiracist Classroom, and BC Education Policy Update.  

Selection will be completed by the BCTF Executive Committee and will consider geographic representation, as well as providing this opportunity first to members who may not have attended a large Federation meeting in the past.  

In addition, successful applicants must commit to being available to attend the 2022 BCTF Summer Leadership Conference in Vancouver, BC, during the specific dates of August 24–26, 2022.  

To apply Complete the appropriate CV form here  

Fax to 604-871-2286 or email your application to  

Direct enquiries to:  

Henry Lee, BC Teachers’ Federation, 604-871-1849 or 1-800-663-9163, local 1849 

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