General Approach

  • Much less requirements than last year.
  • Schools remain different than other public spaces.
  • Be tolerant of others having different levels of comfort with the new guidelines.
  • If you have concerns, tell your principal.
  • If your principal does not address your concerns, go to your school Health and Safety Committee and contact the STA Health and Safety Officer, Gavin Slade-Kerr, at


  • Masks are required for everyone grades 4 and up in all indoor spaces.
  • Students K to 3 are encouraged to wear a mask indoors.

Physical Distancing

  • There are no more physical distancing requirements, though people are to be spread out in a space as much as possible.

Cleaning and Disinfecting

  • Once per day rather than twice per day.
  • Hand-washing should be encouraged upon school entry and before/after breaks and eating, using washroom and using frequently touched shared equipment.


  • Face to Face Meetings are allowed up to 50 people or half of the room capacity, whichever is smaller (It was greater but has recently changed.  The District expects that meeting sizes will increase gradually in the coming weeks).
  • The District encourages organizers to offer a virtual option.

Air Circulation

  • District has upgraded to MERV-13 filters where possible, increased amount of fresh air intake, and extended hours of HVAC operation.
  • Use of fans in high heat blowing vertically only.


  • Extra-curricular activities are permitted as long as they follow these guidelines.


  • Food must be served in individual portions and not shared/exchanged.


  • Visitors are to make an appointment, wear a mask, and sign in.


  • Accommodations will be considered for those with increased risk to covid.
  • Those considering applying for an accommodation should contact the STA Accommodations Officer at

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