The district has communicated that the following memo applies to summer school teachers:  

As you may be aware, the Employment Standards Act (ESA) has recently changed and as of March 31st, 2022 employers are required to provide a minimum of 5 days of paid illness and injury (sick) leave per calendar year, for all employees subject to certain circumstances:  

  • The employee must have been employed for 90 consecutive calendar days  
  • The employee must have been assigned to work 

Given that most of our Employees already earn sick leave in an amount over 5 days per calendar year, this new entitlement generally effects newer employees or those without current sick leave entitlements. The calculation of an average day’s pay for the purpose of an ESA sick leave is unique to an individual.   

If you believe you are entitled to an ESA sick leave,  we have created a form for requesting this specific leave. Regular sick leave requests have not changed and should continue as normal.  We will also be reaching out to specific groups of employees such as supervision aides or casual spareboard employees to explain what the ESA sick leave means for them.” 

If you are denied leave for paid sick leave under the ESA while working as a summer school teacher in the summer of 2023, please contact the Health and Safety Grievance Officer at   

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