The Surrey Teachers’ Association stands in solidarity with all Palestinians and Israelis who are innocent casualties in the ongoing violence. We won’t pretend to understand everything there is to know about what has happened and continues to happen, but as a union that supports social justice initiatives, we are vehemently against violence of any kind, especially any violent actions that are based on racist, colonial, and discriminatory ideologies.  

Members of the STA belong to communities that have historically been or are being ravaged by oppressive regimes and governments, with many of us having formed diasporic communities because we were forced to leave.  We grieve alongside you for not having ever truly known peace. We also grieve alongside you for not having ever truly experienced the safety and comfort of a home.  

Many of the oppressive, divisive, and genocidal ideologies that tear us apart are intricately linked, upheld by organizations and governments who aim to expand their own power and extract from the people and their environments. We urge all of us not to fall prey to mis-/dis-information and propaganda that perpetuate anti-Arab/Muslim violence and antisemitism. Instead, we should continuously reflect and seek information and forces that promote justice and liberation from oppressions. As well, we lovingly and strongly implore us to critically examine the in-fighting between communities that is encouraged by external powers, and instead build community, capacity, and alliances with one another to fight against forces and groups that aim to oppress us.  

As well, we should move towards actions to donate, educate and share, be mindful not to spread hate but compassion and hope, and hold space for those who are hurting. It is now more than ever that we need to stand together. We have the power to honour and protect all human lives, no matter how small our realms of influences are.  

Please understand that the following links and resources are shared with the intention of supporting and empowering.  

We encourage you to sign the following petitions in the act of solidarity as global citizens: 

We encourage you to donate to the following charities. You are also welcome to find other reputable ones. 

Teaching resources to explore (please read through the details carefully to accommodate for your communities’ needs as some of these are broad searches): 

Supports available (please read through the details carefully to accommodate for your personal needs as some of these are broad searches): 

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