Staff Committees should be organizing meetings to review staffing needs before postings go out this spring. If any job is posted in your school that wasn’t posted internally first, please contact Kelli O’Malley at the STA  Reminder of the powers of Staff Committees in our collective agreement:


A staff committee’s role may include the following:   

a. The development and maintenance of effective communication and consultative processes throughout the school;   

b. The review of school policies and procedures and the development of recommendations for improvement;   

c. Receiving and making recommendations on matters of concern presented by staff;   

d. Ensuring the development and maintenance of a professional development committee for the school;   

e. Ensuring the establishment and maintenance of a health and safety committee for the school.  


a. The Principal / Vice Principal responsible will determine, after consultation with the staff committee (and affected departments pursuant to Article B.29.3.b) and in accordance with Article E.28.3, the educational program needs of the school and report these to the Human Resources Department by April 15th of each year.  

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