“Our mentorship program has created a community of teachers open to listening and learning with and from one another.  A support system.  A landing place for new teachers where they feel valued and seen and included.”  – a Teacher in Surrey Schools 

Mentor36 would like to continue to support our Elementary Schools, Secondary Schools and Learning Centres by co-creating a culture of mentorship at your site.  We envision schools and mentorship as complex systems such as a forest, where teams of people come together to learn and grow.  

If you are interested in creating a space that is more than the sum of its parts, then we would like to join your school on this journey.  Please Express Your Interest to this opportunity via the link.  Application will stay open informally throughout the year to accommodate new participants.  

Your school team will be invited to a Mentorship Orientation in September.  At this session, you will have time to create a mentorship vision for your school and to brainstorm structures, tools and learning for your site-based mentorship program. 

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