A big shout-out to the Union Reps in our schools!  As a union representative you play a critical role at worksites ensuring that provisions in our Collective Agreement are protected and our members’ voices are heard and respected. We deeply appreciate all that you do for staff at your school. 

STA members, please send a message about the ways you appreciate your Health & Safety Rep, Pro-D Rep, and/or Staff Rep(s) to communications@surreyteachers.org and we will enter both your names into a draw for a reward every week for the month of June.  

This week’s winners are Joanna Shniad from Bonaccord Elementary and Sherry Starr from McLeod Road Elementary. Congratulations! 

Here are the Shout Outs for this past week:  

Shout Outs from Deeya Nathoo, Teresa Tsai, and Samantha Sew at Enver Creek Secondary 

I’d like to thank our school’s staff rep Tzara Skalnik for answering all my union-related questions! 

Thank you, Tzara for being the only person at our school who consistently sends out STA connections and union related newsletters and election information. And thanks to her, I was able to learn and participate in many different union events as well! 

I’d like to thank our school’s staff rep Tzara Skalnik for answering all my union questions, which has been really helpful as an early career teacher! 

Shout Out from Nicole Calla at Lord Tweedsmuir Secondary 

Kaylie Streibel does an incredible job as Pro-D rep at LTSS. Her passion and dedication to Pro-D topics such as assessment and CSL is evident through the thoughtful and dynamic school based Pro-D sessions she plans. Not only that, but she also goes above and beyond by catering lunch for our staff on those days, too! 

Shout Out from Krista Wallington at Ellendale Elementary 

This is a ‘shout out’ for Jodi Florio, an outstanding Pro D and Staff Rep at Ellendale.  She is empathic, knowledgeable, and professional.  She ‘lends an ear’ when that is all that is needed, ‘takes action’ when required, keeps staff updated with STA ‘news’ and organizes Professional Development that is relevant for current pedagogy.  Her EXTRA efforts are appreciated and do not go unnoticed.  Thank you, Jodi, for supporting staff at our school.  

This is a ‘shout out’ to Nisha Gill, Health and Safety Rep at Ellendale.  Nisha’s care and attention to detail ensure that staff’s safety is paramount.  She responds to concerns in a timely manner and considers all perspectives, a 360-degree approach.  Her efforts do not go unnoticed.  Thank you for your EXTRA efforts, Nisha.   

Shout Out from Joanna Shniad at Bonaccord Elementary 

A HUGE shout out to Chris Humeston, member extraordinaire, who has been both Health and Safety STA rep and First Staff Rep during a year like no other! Chris, you are calm, kind, and supportive during what has been a turbulent time for Bonaccord teachers.  Thank you!  

Shout Out from Allison Flannagan at Surrey Traditional Elementary 

As per the note in the STA Connection, I am sending a big ‘thank you’ to my fellow reps at STS.  They would be Gabi Lange – STA Rep (with myself) and Rhiann Leung – Pro D Rep. Thanks, ladies, for making STS a better place to work and learn.   

Shout Out from Jennifer Brooks at the South Surrey White Rock Learning Centre 

I’d like to send shout outs to Harmale Sangha (STA Rep) and Jamie Huisman (Pro D Rep) at South Surrey Whiterock Learning Centre. Thank you for keeping us up to date on everything. We appreciate you! 

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