Your pay increment (step level) is based on your teaching experience. Contract teachers advance one step on the pay scale after 10 months of full-time experience, occurring automatically on September 1 and January 1 each year. 

TTOCs can also move up the pay scale based on their experience: 17 TTOC days equal one contract month. If you had both contract and TTOC roles in a year, you can request merging your TTOC days and contract months to potentially qualify for an incremental increase on January 1. Part-time contract teachers who also work as TTOCs can convert their TTOC experience to contract experience. Payroll won’t do this unless you request it

The next increment is on January 1, 2024. Contract teachers must submit their form to Payroll by November 15, 2023, to qualify for the January 1, 2024 increase. 

Form: TTOC Experience Transfer Request – Form B  
Deadline: Wednesday, November 15 
Contact: Amrit Sanghe ( and Kelli O’Malley (

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