We want members to know about our efforts to engage with the District regarding their plans to have Extended Days at some schools.  We have language in our Collective Agreement ( D.22.3) that has to be followed in this situation. Read here about our attempts to get clarity on the District’s plans:  

  • February 16 – The District makes a media announcement regarding Extended Days at 7 high schools.  
  • February 22 – The STA receives formal notice under D.22.3 – Extended Day for 2024/2025 Schedule for: Fleetwood Park, Fraser Heights, Grandview Heights, Kwantlen Park, Salish, Tamanawis, and Lord Tweedsmuir Secondary Schools 
  • February 26 – The STA requests meeting in accordance with D.22.3 of our Collective Agreement 
  • March 5 – After receiving no response to our meeting request, STA requests meeting on March 7 
  • March 7 – The District responds, requesting the STA to waive the CA timelines. The STA and the district met on Teams. The STA asked that the District provide the union with their plans, so the union could respond on behalf of members. The District was unprepared to discuss their plans for implementing Extended Days. 
  • March 8 – The STA requests assurances that transfer timelines would not be disrupted due to the delay in meeting before waiving the timelines. 
  • March 11 – The STA requests clarification regarding their request that transfer timelines are not disrupted by the delay in meeting to discuss the plan for the implementation of Extended Days. 
  • March 12 – The District responds they are open to discussing the waiving of the CA timelines but does not address the STA’s concerns noted above. 
  • March 12 – The STA reminds the District of the CA language and reiterates their concern about transfer timelines, and AGAIN requests a meeting. 
  • March 14 – The District responded that no plans have been finalized, and that a meeting with principals at affected schools was scheduled for April 3 to discuss implementation. They offered to schedule a meeting on April 4 or 5. 
  • March 14 – The STA responded, noting that the internal transfer timelines would have passed by April 4, and reiterating concerns about the transfer timelines, specifically Round 1, starting April 16. 
  • April 3 – The STA requests the meeting that the District offered to schedule. No response from the District. 
  • April 5 – The STA requests the meeting that the District offered to schedule. No response from the District. 
  • April 5 – The President sends a formal letter to the District, requesting they postpone implementation of Extended Days until the 2025/2026 school year. 
  • April 8 – The District finally requests a meeting to discuss Extended Days, for April 16, the same day Round 1 opens. 

The STA also send 2 emails, on March 8 and March 12 to the Staff Reps at affected schools, requesting they collect and submit their concerns, and offering Table Officers to attend their sites to provide and collect information. 

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