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This workshop will prepare you for your work with members in schools. You are not alone in doing this work in the school! In this workshop, you will learn about your rights as a staff rep, how to represent members in initial conversations with school administrators, and you will become familiar with the format and content of the provincial and local collective agreement. This workshop will also discuss how to establish a network of support at the school and local level.

January 11, 2024
8:30 am to 3:00 pm
STA Office (9030 King George Blvd)

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Booking your TTOC

After you have registered for a session, please book your leave of absence under:

  • Article: G.21.7.e.ii. STARA Representatives
  • Leave with pay
  • Cost of TTOC to be borne by the STA
  • Attention: Angela Marcakis
  • Reason: Staff Rep Training


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