Winter Staff Rep Training

Our staff rep training workshops will be held in-person at the STA office. We will have a soft start with coffee and breakfast snacks beginning at 8:30 am, with our workshop beginning at 8:45 am. Lunch will be provided.


Role of the Staff Rep

This workshop will prepare you for your work with members in schools. You are not alone in doing this work in the school! In this workshop, you will learn about your rights as a staff rep, how to represent members in initial conversations with school administrators, and you will become familiar with the format and content of the provincial and local collective agreement. This workshop will also discuss how to establish a network of support at the school and local level.

Is it a Grievance? Problem-solving at the School Level

This workshop provides an understanding of the grievance procedure for resolving disputes. It aims to familiarize you with your role in grievance handling and enhance your skills in assisting colleagues with problem resolution at the school level.

BCTF Code of Ethics: Understanding the Professional Relationship

This workshop is designed to enhance your understanding of professional and ethical behavior, particularly in relation to the BCTF Code of Ethics. It delves into the clauses, rationale, and processes for both enforcing and addressing alleged violations of the code. Additionally, the workshop defines the roles of the Judicial Council and local officers in promoting ethical conduct.

Advancing Equity and Inclusion in Our Schools and Communities

You will depart from the workshops with actionable ideas to create an implementation plan for advancing equity and inclusion in your community. By examining the challenges experienced by members of equity-seeking groups, you will be inspired to further explore the barriers to equity and inclusion. The workshop will provide insights into the factors contributing to the oppression of members of equity-seeking groups, prompting you to contemplate acts of allyship that can contribute to overcoming barriers and fostering full inclusion.


For questions regarding registration please email Shiela Batin at