The Young Worker Committee supports young workers to the teaching profession.  They plan social events to bring young workers together and create meaningful connections and look forward to holding a number of events and engage in opportunities both locally and with other unionized young workers to build leadership, capacity, and solidarity.

Whether you’re a TTOC, a Contract Teacher, or somewhere in the middle, if you’re under 35 you’re more than welcome to join the table and have your voice heard.

Terms of Reference

    • This committee is a safe space, composed of members 35 years of age and under;
    • The work undertaken by this committee shall be rooted in decolonization with respect to Indigenous rights through reconciliation, and a continued commitment to dismantling systems of oppression and addressing issues of structural and institutional racism;
    • The Young Worker Committee shall;
    • Work to address key issues that are facing young workers in education. This includes, but is not limited to workplace hazards and physical safety, mental wellbeing, social issues, and where workers’ rights violations are commonplace;
    • Identify, and work to improve, policy and ideology that facilitate the erosion of workers’ rights and targets young workers;
    • Mobilize young workers and organize horizontally with other equity seeking groups, on common goals;
    • Create actionable goals that address systemic inequalities affecting young workers that align with other BCTF and affiliate working groups;
    • Recommend to the executive committee and decision-making bodies strategies and programs for working jointly with other committees, equity seeking groups, community groups and institutions on issues of mutual concern and combatting inequality at all levels;
    • Inform decision making bodies on policies and programs to promote the full participation of young workers in the work of the union and encourage the adoption of said programs
    • Facilitate and provide social engagement and solidarity opportunities for young workers in order to strengthen their common support systems.


1 year

Number of Members

Open Membership


Navpreet Ganda
Rick Kumar

Committee Members

Sasha Campbell-Mongeon (2023-2024)
Alyssa Choroszewski (2023-2024)
Sarah Hutchings (2023-2024)
Andrea Leeks (2023-2024)
Katelyn McCloy (2023-2024)
Katrina Wisniewski (2023-2024)