The STA Status of Women Committee is based on an intersectional feminism framework that acknowledges that there are many ways that women and girls are affected by barriers and discrimination that exceed our gender(s). Sexuality, race, gender identity, socioeconomic status, ability, and age all play a role. The committee’s main goals working within this framework are to eliminate sexism, misogyny, and promote gender equity for all who identify as women and girls and to increase the participation of girls and women in all aspects of education. We strive to create a brave space for all to challenge patriarchal norms.

The committee provides in-service opportunities for teachers on such issues as job sharing, curriculum resources for non-sexist teaching, pensions, financial planning, ending violence against women, women’s health issues, wellness, and the empowerment of women’s voices. The committee has compiled a library of curriculum aids, videos and picture books that promote gender equity and non-sexist teaching strategies. Teachers may borrow materials for their classes by contacting the SW chairpersons.

Past Events:
• Grade 7 Girls Empowerment Conference
• Gender-Based Violence Workshops
• Work with various community groups for the December 6th Candlelight Vigil
• Various wellness events for Surrey teachers
• Sponsor members to attend women’s leadership events such as the CTF Women’s Symposium and the Women Deliver International Conference
• Participate in the Missing and Murdered Women’s Memorial March
• Affiliated with NEVR (Network to End Violence in Relationships)

Ending Gender-Based Violence Resource List
The Advocate: Status of Women Issue (February/March 2019)


1 year

Number of Members



Alexandra Perl
Regie Plana-Alcuaz

Committee Members

Manjit Kaur Khun-Khuna (2023-2024)
Karen Kilbride (2023-2024)
Helen Kelsey (2023-2024)
Angela Marcakis (2023-2024)
Annie Ohana (2023-2024)
Niovi Patsicakis (2023-2024)
Navjyot Sahai (2023-2024)
Tzara Skalnik (2023-2024)
Pauline Veto (2023-2024)
Katrina Wisniewski (2023-2024)