The Resolutions Committee prepares to represent Surrey Teachers at the BCTF AGM and RAs. The committee consists of the President, 1st VP, 2nd VP and the 6 Local reps, as well as 7 members elected at the May STA AGM. We receive suggestions from members as to resolutions to take forward to the provincial level, and work to develop wording and rationales for these resolutions to facilitate their consideration. Members of this committee automatically attend the BCTF AGM as part of the Surrey delegation.

Number of Members


2nd Vice President - Chair

Jatinder Bir


Matt Westphal

1st Vice President

Julia MacRae

Surrey LRs

Angela Marcakis
Rick Kumar
Adilah Abdirahman
Annie Ohana
Amrit Sanghe
Lizanne Foster

AGM Elected Members

Violette Baillargeon
Gavin Hainsworth
Marilyn Carr
Andrea Leeks
Derek Imai
Kelly MacLean Dosen