This committee has the responsibility of investigating political candidates’ positions and attitudes on education, especially as pertains to Surrey schools and teachers. Although the committee is usually most active at provincial and municipal (school board) election times, it can be assigned various tasks related to public relations on hot educational issues during the course of the year. Committee activities involve such tasks as designing and placing advertisements, writing letters or press releases, arranging speakers for public meetings, phone campaigns, mail outs and recommending candidates for public office.


2 years

Number of Members



Pauline Veto (2020-2022)

Committee Members

Annie Ohana (2020-2022)
Isaac Louie (2020-2022)
Amrit Sanghe (2020-2022)
Rick Kumar (2020-2022)
Lizanne Foster (2020-2022)
Marilyn Ricketts-Lindsay (2020-2022)
Ziyad Shukri (2021-2023)
Sasha Campbell-Mongeon (2021-2023)