The International Solidarity Committee seeks to collaborate with teacher unions globally to share ideas and to identify ways to build horizontal relationships. We aim to decolonize our views of different cultures and to validate lived experiences through dialogue. We believe that the exchange of perspectives and pedagogies promotes a broader understanding of how teacher unions outside of Canada operate. Our committee currently has partnerships in South and Central America as well as the Caribbean through Codevelopment Canada which supports teacher unions in various countries. In addition, we make recommendations to the STA Executive Committee on grants for international solidarity projects. We also host visitors, promote teacher exchanges for international events, and develop conferences to build global networks. All members including those with an international background are welcome to join our engaging committee.


1 year

Number of Members



Glichelle Pereyra (2023-2024)
Jeff Solis (2023-2024)

Committee Members

Marilyn Carr (2023-2024)
Helen Kelsey (2023-2024)
Lance McFall (2023-2024)
Annie Ohana (2023-2024)
Regie Plana-Alcuaz (2023-2024)
Jayashree Ramaswami (2023-2024)
Marilyn Ricketts-Lindsay (2023-2024)