This committee works to educate and advise members about the health & safety concerns at the worksite and in classrooms.  The committee meets monthly to investigate issues that include any concerns that could impact the health, safety, and wellness of teachers and others.  The committee works on the Health & Safety Bulletin, follows up with schools on the Site-Based H & S Committee minutes,  mould and mice in schools, safety issues around equipment, providing input into WorkSafeBC concerns as well as emergent issues that arise.  Each member of the committee is provided with 8 hours of WorkSafeBC training through the BC Federation of Labour each year.


2 years

Number of Members

Health & Safety Officer


Monica Grant (2022-2024)
Mykola Misiak (2022-2024)
Melanie Miki (2023-2025)


Dana Neidig (2022-2024)
Glenys McFarlane (2023-2025)
Gavin Slade-Kerr (2023-2025)


Alana Douglas (2022-2024)
Hallan Mtatiro (2022-2024)
Gavin Hainsworth (2023-2025)

Health & Safety Officer

Manjit Dulla