Our goal is to promote multiculturalism and racial acceptance in all Surrey schools. We may organize and implement events such as multicultural conferences and workshops for teachers and students. We can also host resource displays, as well as assist teachers in obtaining resources and funding for multicultural projects at their schools. In addition, we advocate the hiring of more teachers from visible minorities.


2 years

Number of Members



No Chair indicated as of yet

Committee Members

Satbir Pattar (2022-2024)
Jayashree Ramaswami (2022-2024)
Gavin Slade-Kerr (2022-2024)
Hilary Wardlow (2022-2024)
Hallan Mtatiro (2023-2025)
Annie Ohana (2023-2025)
Niovi Patsicakis (2023-2025)
Regie Plana-Alcuaz (2023-2025)
Corrie Shaw (2023-2025)
Jacquie King (2023-2025)
Navjyot Sahai (2023-2025)
Manjit Kaur Khun-Khuna (2023-2025)