Terms of Reference

The STA Accessibility Committee is established to promote and ensure accessibility, inclusivity, and equity within the Surrey Teachers’ Association.

    The committee’s primary objectives are as follows:

    1. To identify and address barriers that may prevent members, employees, or stakeholders from fully participating in STA activities and accessing its services.
    2. To develop and implement strategies, policies, and initiatives that foster an inclusive and accessible environment for all members, regardless of their abilities or disabilities.
    3. To provide guidance and recommendations to the STA Executive, ensuring that accessibility considerations are integrated into decision-making processes, policies, and practices.

Specific Tasks and Purposes

    The responsibilities of the STA Accessibility Committee include but are not limited to:

    1. Identifying barriers to accessibility within the STA, including physical, digital, communication, and attitudinal barriers.
    2. Developing an Accessibility Action Plan outlining specific goals, timelines, and measurable outcomes for improving accessibility within the STA.
    3. Advising on the development and implementation of accessibility policies, procedures, and guidelines.
    4. Reviewing and providing recommendations on STA documents, communications, and digital resources to ensure they are accessible to all.
    5. Organizing and promoting awareness and training sessions on accessibility for STA members and staff.
    6. Collaborating with external organizations and experts to stay informed about best practices in accessibility and inclusivity.
    7. Reporting to the STA Executive Committee on progress, challenges, and recommendations related to accessibility initiatives.
    8. Conducting periodic accessibility audits and assessments to evaluate the effectiveness of accessibility improvements.

Number of Members

Open Membership


No chair indicated as of yet

Committee Members

Nandini Aggarwal
Nicole Hurtubise
Michelle Low