View AGM 2020 Register Now The Annual General Meeting will be held on June 10th at 4pm in a virtual format. All members who wish to attend will need to sign up individually as the registration keys are one use only. Please use your surreyschools email for registration. Registration will be open until June 10th at 2:00 pm. The ProD Committee has made the decision to postpone the Professional Development Draw that would normally occur at the STA AGM in May. We know this is a highly anticipated draw that allows for a very unique professional development opportunity and so we will hold the draw at a later date, next school year, when some certainty around travel returns.

Teachers are often the first to wipe away the tears and give emotional support to their students. From collecting funds and organizing countless assignments, to dealing with new technologies and coaching teams after school, teaching is not what it used to be. Classrooms today are complex places.

Latest News

  • Variances

    Article D.22.1 of the collective agreement limits the length of a school’s instructional day. Some courses involve multi-grade classes that do not fit neatly within a timetable designed to comply with the Collective Agreement. For years the Association has approved a limited number of “variances” to the instructional day to accommodate such courses. The processRead more

  • October 18 is Person’s Day

    In Canada, the British North America Act (BNA Act) of 1867 used the word “persons” when referring to more than one person and “he” when referring to one person. Many argued the Act implicitly stated that only a man could be a person, which prevented women from participating fully in politics or affairs of state.Read more

  • Opportunity for Members: STA Committees

    Committee elections will be occurring at upcoming STARA meeting on Wednesday, October 23. There are vacancies on the following Standing Committees: Anti Poverty Committee – open Awards Committee – 1 spot Health and Safety Committee – 6 spots Indigenous Education committee – open International Solidarity Committee- 1 spot Pension Chair – 1 spot Convention CommitteeRead more

  • Clause of the Week: D.25 Staff Meetings

    It’s nearing that time of the month when most of our staff meetings will be scheduled. Wondering if you have to attend and for how long? Here’s what the article says: D.25.1 ATTENDANCE Whenever practicable, members of a staff shall attend staff meetings called by the supervising Principal / Vice Principal, and further, whenever practicable:Read more

Grievance: Failures-to-Fill

The STA has filed a grievance regarding the District’s practice to direct non-enrolling teachers to cover failure to fill for classroom teachers. The STA is therefore collecting data to support this grievance by requesting that staff reps regularly report failures to fill. In an effort to make this task as quick and efficient as possible, we have created a new format for reporting failures to fill.

The Advocate

The Advocate is a seasonal publication for members. The Advocate contains a report from the President, information from the table officers, updates, and information on current educational issues and issues of importance to Surrey teachers.

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