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2General Information
3A: School Involvement in a Variety of Areas
4B: Community Involvement in a Variety of Areas
5C: Candidate’s Statement of Goals
6D: Candidate’s Statement of Commitment to Social Justice

Reminders before you begin

Review the required information

Here are the detailed instructions for how to prepare the required information offline:

School Documents

  • An official transcript (photocopies acceptable)
  • Proof of enrollment in a post-secondary institution in the form of a confirmation of Acceptance to an approved program, a List of Enrolled Classes or proof of payment of tuition, all on Institutional Letterhead. (Registration fee receipt must be presented prior to an award being paid as per Policy 2.N.02.d.)
    • OR one option is proof of registration in a national/international conference on social justice issues,
      or an internship in a social justice organization

List of your school and community involvement in a variety of areas

  • Section A: Description of school involvement in extracurricular activities
  • Section B: Description of community involvement
  • Section C: Statement of goals
  • Section D: Statement of involvement in social justice work


  • Save the reference letter instructions (PDF) to your computer
  • Share the instructions with your three referees and have them return signed letters to you
    • Section E: academic achievement reference
    • Section F: school-based extracurricular involvement reference
    • Section G: community involvement reference
  • Save digital copies
  • When you are ready to submit your application, upload your three letters into the online application form where prompted

Save and Resume

Prepare all required information offline (you will not be able to save all your work here). For security reasons, sensitive information such as mailing addresses, along with file uploads will have to be re-entered when you resume.


Submit your application by Monday, May 13, 2024 (your application must be submitted complete, on time, and in the mandatory format for it to be considered).

Students who are eligible (see specific criteria for award) can only receive one award, regardless of category.