1. Attend a conference/workshop locally.
    2. Attend a conference/workshop regionally/provincially/nationally/internationally.
    3. Attend a workshop/conference or summer institute/course
    4. Be a sponsor teacher for a student teacher.
    5. Become a BCTF PD associate, and carry on the Teachers Teaching Teachers Tradition.
    6. Become a BCTF Program Against Racism or Status of Women Program associate, and carry on the Teachers Teaching Teachers Tradition.
    7. Become active in your local association.
    8. Becoming a facilitator, and give a workshop locally, regionally, or provincially.
    9. Begin/continue university studies.
    10. Develop innovative programs for use in your classroom.
    11. Develop an annual personal PD plan, and maintain a PD portfolio.
    12. Form/join a teacher research group.
    13. Participate in group planning.
    14. Hop on the Internet through BCTF Online or another PD site.
    15. Job-shadow in a related work situation.
    16. Join a professional organization/network:
      – Provincial specialist association (33 within the BCTF)
      – Local specialist association/Local Chapter of a PSA
      – International network (ASCD, MSCD)
    17. Mentor a beginning teacher.
    18. Observe another teacher, and talk together about the lesson/program.
    19. Participate in curriculum development.
    20. Pilot curriculum/program.
    21. Read professional literature.
    22. Reflect, discuss, and research for the purpose of planning individual or group ongoing professional development.
    23. Develop the discipline of reflective journal keeping.
    24. Serve as your school’s PD representative.
    25. Share with colleagues what you found at a conference/workshop.
    26. Subscribe to/read professional journals.
    27. Watch professional videos.
    28. Work on a provincial committee (Ministry of Education or BCTF).
    29. Work on your local’s PD committee.
    30. Work with a colleague to discuss, observe, and critique a lesson/program (peer coaching).
    31. Write professional articles for your local’s newsletter, your PSA’s publications, or Teacher newsmagazine.