Violent Incidents

We have had a number of calls to the office about violent incidents in schools. In September 2012, there were 70 violent incidents.  Many incidents involve special needs students and others do not.

The WCB says, “Violence” means the attempted or actual exercise by a person, other than a worker, of any physical force so as to cause injury to a worker, and includes any threatening statement or behavior which gives a worker reasonable cause to believe that he or she is at risk of injury.”

If you have been involved in a violent incident, intentional or not, you should fill in a Worksafe 6A form according to the instructions sent to your H&S reps. This includes written or verbal threats of violence as well.

When new students are admitted to your school, you have a right to know if they have a history of violence. Exercise your right to know and make sure you are informed of any potential risks.