While no West Nile virus has been detected in BC birds or mosquitoes yet, BCCDC epidemiologist, Dr. Murray Fyfe advises the BC public to be aware of the steps they can take to prevent infection.

Never touch birds with bare hands. Always wear gloves. Always wash hands thoroughly after disposal.

Materials Required

    • 1 pair of Heavy Duty Rubber Gloves
    • 3 Heavy Duty Plastic Bags
    • Twist Tie (Optional)
    • Goggles/Eye-glasses (Optional)
    • Apron (Optional)

Directions for Removal

    1. Avoid skin-and-clothing-contact with the bird and its secretions.
    2. Puppet 2 heavy duty plastic bags over your gloved hand.
    3. Grasp the bird with your bagged, gloved hand.
    4. Pull and wrap the open end of the bags over the bird to package it.
    5. Check the outer bag packaging for possible punctures.
    6. Wrap package with 1 heavy duty plastic bag. Remove and discard gloves into this bag.
    7. Tie the final bag. Dispose packaged carcass according to local bylaws.
    8. Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water.