D.27.1 Physical Conditions & Environtment

    • Classes shall be conducted in facilities that are clean and where temperature, ventilation, lighting, humidity, sound level and other physical conditions are hygienic, safe and conducive to effective learning.
    • Wherever practicable, a class will be relocated when the conditions of Article D.27.1.a cannot be met.
    • Where an employee acts in compliance with Section 8.24 of the Workers’ Compensation Board’s Industrial Health and Safety Regulations the employee shall not be subject to disciplinary action. Relevant parts of the section state that, “No person shall carry out or cause to be carried out any work … when that person has reasonable cause to believe that to do so would create an undue hazard to the health or safety of any person”.
    • When a student of an employee has exhibited biting behavior and there is reason to believe that the student is a Hepatitis carrier and the employee might be considered at risk, the Board will reimburse the employee for Hepatitis B vaccinations (pre and/or post exposure). This provision will only be in effect to the extent that the employee is not eligible for subsidized Hepatitis B vaccinations through another public health program available to the employee. Advance notice of the medical condition of such students will be given to the employee by the Principal / Vice Principal, whenever possible.

D.27.2 Portable Classrooms

Normally, no teacher will be required to teach in a portable for more than two (2) consecutive years unless the portable facilities were specifically designed for the teacher’s program or unless the teacher requests to stay in the portable.

D.27.3 Statutory Regulations

    • The Board will comply with the standards of and shall ensure that each workplace is provided with copies of the:
      • Occupational Health and Safety Regulation to the Workers’ Compensation Act, and
      • Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS) Information Kits.
    • The parties recognize the authority of the regulatory agency charged with the administration of the statutory regulations identified in Article D.27.3.a and, in the event of a difference between the parties over whether a regulation is or is not being met, the difference will be referred to the regulatory agency.
    • The Board Policies relating to health and safety will be available at all worksites for the information of staff.

D.27.4 First Aid

    • The Board and the Surrey Teachers’ Association shall comply with the Workers’ Compensation Board Regulations, and the Board will ensure first aid coverage as provided by the WCB Regulations.
    • The school administration will ensure that the teacher/first aid attendant’s class is covered when the teacher/first aid attendant is called out of class to provide first aid services, and
    • Where preparation time is lost by a teacher/first aid attendant while providing first aid services, or by another teacher by covering the class of a teacher/first aid attendant who is providing first aid services, such lost time will be compensated in accordance with Article D.4.9.

D.27.5 Health & Safety Monitoring

    • Specific health and safety concerns shall be reported to the School’s Health and Safety Committee.
    • If the Committee is unable to resolve the concern, the matter shall be referred by the Committee to the District Health and Safety Committee.

D.27.6 School Closure

When a school has been without water, electrical power, or heating service for two (2) hours or more the Principal / Vice Principal in charge will, if circumstances warrant, order the school or affected part to be closed in accordance with Board Policy 5207 and Regulation 5207.1 (as of May 1991).

D.27.7 Student Medications/Treatment

    • The regular administration of medication to students shall be in accordance with Policy 9610 and Regulation 9610.1 (as of August 1997).
    • An adequate supply of disposable gloves and disinfectant shall be provided in each school where people are required to deal with students’ blood or other body fluids.
    • Where a school is advised that a student has a condition which may require medical attention or procedures while the student is at school, the parents/guardians will be asked to provide the school with a copy of the physician’s instructions with respect to such medical attention or procedures, which information will be made available, on receipt, to those employees who have regular contact with the student.

D.27.8 Earthquakes

The Board shall ensure that an earthquake preparedness and earthquake education plans are in place for the staff and students in each work location in accordance with Board Policy 5208 and Regulation 5208.1 (as of November 1, 1990).

D.27.9 Emergencies

Surrey Teachers’ Association members have a duty to render assistance in an emergency.