Sick leave is a guaranteed right. It does not require prior approval.

If you are sick, call subfinder and book a TOC for the portion of time you are likely to be absent. If it is indeterminate, then use your best judgment. For longer term absences the Board may request medical evidence to support the continuation of your absence. They cannot ask for retroactive evidence. You are not required to give your principal details of your medical condition, and there is no need to complete a Leave of Absence form.

If you have any questions, contact the STA office at (604) 594-5353

Note: Medical and dental appointments are and have always been an appropriate use of sick days. Some members may medically require a reduced assignment. This process is outlined in the Collective Agreement as below:

G.20.9 Partial Medical Leave

    a. Where a full-time employee produces a medical certificate stating that the employee, while medically unable to work full-time, is capable of working part-time, the employee’s assignment may be reduced or the employee may be reassigned to another position where it is practical to do so. In either case, the change will be to a percentage of full-time that the employee is capable of working.

    b. Where a change in assignment or reassignment is made in accordance with Article: G.20.9.a, such change or reassignment will be for a fixed period of not less than one (1) month and will be effective as of the beginning of a term or semester.

    c. An employee on partial medical leave will earn sick leave credits in accordance with Article G.20.3.b.ii

    d. An employee on partial medical leave will go on full sick leave, with or without pay depending on the extent of the employee’s accumulated sick leave credits, if the employee proves incapable of meeting the requirement of the reduced or changed assignment.

    e. Before an employee exhausts sick leave credits under this Article, the Board will advise the employee to contact the BCTF Salary Indemnity Plan administrator.

If you apply for a partial medical leave and the board requests medical information in addition to the standard application, or if your partial medical leave is denied, please contact Dana Neidig at for advice.