If you are planning to return to work after an extended absence, if you have been disabled in a way that will affect your ability to perform your job, or if you believe that you require assistance in maintaining your current assignment for medical reasons, then you may be eligible for the BCTF Health & Wellnless Program. This program is designed to support teachers during their return to work, to help reduce the likely hood of recurrent absences, and to maximize their recovery from disability.

For more information phone the BCTF at 604-871-2283 and ask to speak to an intake officer.

This program is not just for teachers who need help returning to work after being off sick.  It is also for:

    • a teacher who is using sick leave to manage his/her symptoms using non-consecutive days of sick leave.
    • a teacher who has identified that he/she requires assistance in maintaining his/her assignment.
    • a teacher who has a reduced assignment due to disability.

What is Rehabilitation?

Restoration or improvement in a teacher’s health, functional activities, or ability to engage in occupational and personal activities through the development and implementation of a plan designed to assist and support a teacher through his/her recovery.

How does the program assist a teacher?

    A professional Rehabilitation Consultant will:

    • Meet with you, and if applicable, your family
    • Consult with your health care providers
    • Meet with representatives from your local and school district to explore your return to work options
    • Work with you and the above parties to create a plan aimed at work re-entry
    • Co-ordinate rehabilitation services during your return-to-work period