Award Recipients 2023-2024

Scholarships for Children of STA Members

Marley Bridger

I am incredibly grateful to the STA for this prestigious scholarship and the recognition for my academic and extra-curricular achievements. Having graduated from Earl Marriott Secondary, I am now attending the University of Toronto pursuing a Bachelor of Arts. I am a member of Trinity College and the Trinity One Ethics, Society, & Law Program. This financial support is making a huge difference in allowing me to pursue my dream school. I would also like to thank all the teachers who supported me in achieving this award. I plan to pursue law school and hope to make a difference in my community. Thank you again for this generous scholarship.

Nolan Cheng

My name is Nolan Cheng and I am a developing visual artist, graphic designer, and 2D + Experimental Animation student at Emily Carr University of Art and Design. This scholarship will go towards my tuition at Emily Carr.

I have tremendous gratitude for the teachers, friends, mentors, and family who have supported me throughout the years. From my high school career at Burnaby North Secondary School, I have gained a variety of opportunities that have defined me as an artist and individual. My much-loved roles as Creative Director of Yearbook, Chair of the Fine Arts Council, and Choir Committee Chair have shaped me immensely and will be the empowering memories I can look back on when I strive for future opportunities.

Thank you to the STA Scholarship Committee for selecting me as a recipient of this award. Being awarded this scholarship inspires artists like myself to continue pursuing creative practice and to design a world that is more colorful and inclusive.

Elise Dalzell

Hello there! My name is Elise Dalzell and I was a recipient of the STA scholarship in the amount of 2000$. I am just writing to you to say thank you. This scholarship means a lot to me and having this money will help me in pursuing my dreams and continuing my studies in musical theatre. You were incredibly generous and I am forever thankful for this scholarship.

Mia Deol

Thank you to all members and staff of the Surrey Teachers’ Association. I feel very fortunate to have been selected. The Surrey Teachers’ Association scholarship will help immensely with the significant cost of my education at the University of British Columbia. I live on campus at UBC Vancouver and with inflation, I am grateful for the financial support being provided by the STA. I’m in the first year of a five-year Bachelor of Arts-Master of Management dual degree program that is a mix of Arts and Sauder courses. My long-term goals are to complete these two degrees and then pursue a career either in business or as an elementary school teacher. In grade 11, I completed a co-op work experience placement at Senator Reid Elementary and those two weeks were incredible. In my work as a school and community volunteer, I coordinated many seasonal youth camps, field trips, and events, but there is something special about teaching students in a school. Since kindergarten, there have been many caring teachers along the way who supported me both academically and personally. While this may sound strange coming from someone who is in a business program, I can’t imagine a life more rewarding than being an educator. My dad is a teacher, and I know it’s not an easy job, but I’m so glad that we have thousands of amazing teachers in Surrey schools helping students reach for their dreams.

Connor Flynn

I’m extremely grateful to be a recipient of this award, and would like to thank the STA for supporting me in my future endeavours. I’m currently enrolled in the Science One program at UBC, exploring my interests in many science fields. With my current experiences in university, I plan on pursuing a combined degree in Biochemistry and Mathematics, or taking the Physics/ Astronomy route. With this, the end goal is a career in medicine – given my passion for many areas of research, I want to pursue the educational path that will best help me get there. With the long road that comes ahead, I recognize the hard work that will follow, and am grateful to receive this scholarship as it will help decrease stress regarding the financial aspect of my education. Thanks once again for the award!

Jack Peters

My name is Jack Peters and I feel fortunate to have been chosen for the STA scholarship. I have been influenced by the many teachers I had as mentors over the years at Panorama Park Elementary and Panorama Ridge Secondary School. I am grateful that these teachers went out of their way to challenge me, and to provide me and my friends with opportunities to learn in unique ways. I am always inspired by the time and energy teachers spend outside of school hours volunteering as coaches and sponsoring clubs so that students can have an enriched experience throughout their education. This taught me the importance of giving back to the community, which I plan to continue to do throughout my life.

I am currently taking the Sustainable Energy Engineering Program at Simon Fraser University. The transition to this program from high school was made easier because of the experiences my teachers gave me, including allowing me to work with others on challenging problems, and teaching me to overcome roadblocks along the way. My favourite experiences so far have been working in a group of like-minded students on intricate problems. We can book a study room, and all contribute our ideas on a whiteboard, which is exactly what I had hoped university would be like.

Once again, I would like to thank the STA for choosing me as a recipient of the STA scholarship this year. This money will go directly to helping me further my education, allowing me to continue to explore my passion for working in a team that shares the goal of making our world a better place.

Bursaries for Children of STA Members

Makenna Frew

My name is Makenna Frew, and I would like to start by expressing my gratefulness for being a recipient of this STA bursary! This year I have started my academic journey at Douglas College in the Sport Science diploma program. So far, I have loved the program and am so happy I can finally apply my love of sciences, athletics and rehabilitation into career based studies. After completion of this diploma, I aspire to go on to transfer and complete a degree in kinesiology, which I then will hopefully use to apply to a Chiropractic College. This bursary has meant so much to me as it means that I can focus in on my studies and academics with less worry about finances that could limit me. Thank you so much to my friends, family, and mentors who have supported me, and my biggest thanks to STA for this bursary!

Elyse Lochrie

Thank you so much for this bursary, as it will assist in my academic goals extensively. Music is an incredibly time consuming hobby, and now to make it into a career for myself is an opportunity I will forever be grateful for. The Foundations of Music Therapy Studies is an incredibly intense program, and it has been tough to keep up with all my responsibilities. However, this bursary will be an incredible help in ensuring that finances will not be what will get in the way of pursuing my dreams. I thank the Awards Committee and the Surrey Teachers Association with the highest feelings of gratitude for supporting my academic journey.

Kai O'Donnell

My name is Kai O’Donnell and I am in my first year studying Kinesiology at McGill University in Montreal.

Firstly, I would like to express my sincerest gratitude to the STA for awarding me this bursary. I am incredibly thankful to the committee for recognizing my accomplishments and hard-work throughout high school, as well as to my teachers who encouraged and supported me throughout my education.

I am particularly grateful to my science teachers, who opened me up to the subjects of chemistry and anatomy. My enthusiasm for the sciences alongside my passion for sports have led me to consider physical therapy and health sciences as potential career paths. The kinesiology undergraduate program at McGill is unique in that it is a Bachelors of Science, and so my learning is done through a scientific lens, which is a perfect fit for my academic interests. While I’m still exploring my future career options, I know I want to apply my post-secondary studies to a career that has a meaningful impact on the well-being of others; this could lead to exploring a career as a chiropractor, pursuing medical school for a doctorate, or specializing as a sports therapist.

Once again, I cannot thank the STA enough for their bursary. It will allow me to fully dedicate my time to studies, and I am deeply honoured to be selected.

Hannah Quan

I’m so thrilled to have been selected as one of the bursary recipients! Here is my message and I have attached my graduation photo.

I am extremely grateful to have been chosen as one of the recipients of the Surrey Teacher’s Association Bursary. My first semester at UBC has been amazing, and I feel so thankful to have the support of the STA to further my studies in the coming years. I have been taking my first year of university to explore a wide array of subjects, and so far, I have been very engaged with all of my courses. My goal for the future is to find an area that I am passionate about, whether it’s languages, social justice or psychology and apply my skills in the workforce to help others. I would like to thank my parents for their endless support and the STA for believing in my goals.

Ronan Sexton

My name is Ronan Sexton, I am a 1st year student in the Sauder School of Business at the University of British Columbia. I am extremely grateful and honoured to be a recipient of this Scholarship. I’d like to thank the Surrey Teachers’ Association for this award and recognizing outstanding academic achievement. I have learned so much already during my first semester of University. UBC is an amazing school, full of opportunity. This scholarship will aid my academic journey and will fuel me to strive for greater achievement. I would also like to thank my family, friends, and teachers who helped me earn this award. Thank you STA for this generous award and for believing in my future.

Brendan Tong

My Name is Brendan Tong. I am a 1st year student at the Haskayne School of Business at the University of Calgary. Along with pursuing a commerce degree, I am also playing on the U of C Varsity baseball team. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the Surrey Teachers Association and the members of the scholarship committee for selecting me among many other deserving applicants.  I would like to thank all my teachers at Burnaby Mountain Secondary and Seaforth Elementary for their endless support and guidance throughout the years. I also want to thank my coaches and my parents for helping me prepare for post-secondary life. The financial support of the STA bursary will help me focus on my studies and continue to play baseball at the post-secondary level.

Bursaries for Indigenous Students

To be decided in Spring 2024

Jennifer Wadge Memorial Social Justice Surrey Student Awards

To be decided in Spring 2024

Award Recipients from Recent Years


Bursary Brooke Biggin
Bursary Gurleen Deol
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Bursary Rachel MacDonald-Sowerby
Bursary Adam Melenka
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Scholarship Sara Cadinha
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Jennifer Wadge Social Justice Kade Dayton
Jennifer Wadge Social Justice Hannah Gebert
Indigenous Award Zachariyah Khalif
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Bursary Ayushman Raj Sharma
Scholarship Kyla Flynn
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Scholarship Trevor Tong
Jennifer Wadge Social Justice Van Dayton
Jennifer Wadge Social Justice Shamma Tank
Jennifer Wadge Social Justice Rose Esplen
Indigenous Award Nih-Tanis Dustyhorn Petrowski
Indigenous Award Mackenzie Dawson


Bursary Rena Bains
Bursary Marco Lanfranchi
Bursary Alexander Thornton
Scholarship Simrit Boparai
Scholarship Riya Brar
Scholarship Sophie Campbell
Scholarship Holly Friesen
Scholarship Sunder Singh Bains
Scholarship Jaya Sran
Jennifer Wadge Social Justice Prabhnoor Bagri
Jennifer Wadge Social Justice Shaugnessy McNabb
Jennifer Wadge Social Justice Daya Charchun
Jennifer Wadge Social Justice Tanvi Pandhi
Jennifer Wadge Social Justice Matthew Tran
Indigenous Award Joseph Harasymow


Bursary Christian Richardson
Bursary Hannah Christine Milic
Bursary Sarah Buckingham
Bursary Kymber Maxfield
Bursary Conall Sexton
Bursary Madeleine Richardson
Scholarship Haley June Biggin
Scholarship Rachel Smith
Scholarship Mackenzie Sturn
Scholarship Wyatt William Schnare
Scholarship Caitlyn Wakelin
Scholarship Lucy Sera Fournier
Jennifer Wadge Social Justice Kira Anne Szewczyk
Jennifer Wadge Social Justice Brady Lumsden
Jennifer Wadge Social Justice Victoria Baek
Jennifer Wadge Social Justice Adelaide Fuller
Jennifer Wadge Social Justice Zainab Osman
Jennifer Wadge Social Justice Jennifer Tsai
Indigenous Award Cassandra Jacobson
Indigenous Award Emma Pflanz


Bursary Stephanie Kamimura
Bursary Jenessa Neidig
Bursary Isabelle Romas
Bursary Emma Thornton
Scholarship Jenna Aldus
Scholarship Tristan Campbell
Scholarship Spencer Harris
Scholarship Kennedy Hoven
Scholarship Jenna Stea
Scholarship David Ward
Jennifer Wadge Social Justice Jonah Lee
Jennifer Wadge Social Justice Cassandra Mayhew
Jennifer Wadge Social Justice Harsimran Bindra
Jennifer Wadge Social Justice Nicole David
Jennifer Wadge Social Justice Justin Miki


Bursary Tamara Yoshida
Bursary Liam MacKay
Bursary Greg Moore
Bursary Christopher Sarrazin
Bursary Tanner Wick
Bursary Paul Buckingham
Scholarship Sammi Anderson
Scholarship Dawson Langton
Scholarship Madeleine Wasmuth
Scholarship Eric Grant
Scholarship Amira Brar
Scholarship Virginia Nikkel
Jennifer Wadge Social Justice Charlotte Huey
Jennifer Wadge Social Justice Erin Kroi
Jennifer Wadge Social Justice Praise Osifo
Jennifer Wadge Social Justice Nicole David
Jennifer Wadge Social Justice Justin Miki


Bursary Samantha Moore
Bursary Myles Gordon Venn
Bursary Jansen Crossley
Bursary Jackson Silvester-Lee
Bursary Joshua Heieis
Scholarship Emily Johnston
Scholarship Taylor Anne Madison Mackie
Scholarship Adrien Rebselj
Scholarship Kate Yahn
Scholarship Michael Smith
Scholarship Andrew Martin
Jennifer Wadge Social Justice Tahira Remtulla
Jennifer Wadge Social Justice Nipuni Amaratunga
Jennifer Wadge Social Justice Armandeep Manak
Jennifer Wadge Social Justice Pallvi Sehijpaul