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School Information Update 2024-2025

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Minimum of 1 per school. One for every 15 members or major portion thereof.
WCB regulations require that there be a Health & Safety committee in every worksite with a minimum of 4 members. At least 50% of the committee must be “workers”. Some of these should be STA and some CUPE.

Staff Representatives Information

Represent the Surrey Teachers’ Association as shop steward. Attend School Union Rep Training at STA office. Let STA table officers know about issues arising at the school. Attend STA Representative Assembly meetings and General Meetings. If strike-action is planned, reps will be the main point of contact for the site.

Professional Development Representative Information

Advocate for teacher professional autonomy in Pro-D. Attend a mandatory STA training in September and work with the Pro-D committee in school. Approve individual Pro-D Funding forms and keep track of financial allotment.

Health & Safety Representatives Information

There must be employer and worker (STA or CUPE) co-chairs on Health & Safety school committees. Attend Health & Safety meetings at your school. Bring issues to the attention of the committee (as all workers do). Participate in inspections and investigations. Attend trainings the STA or employer is offering.

Staff Committee Chair Information

The development and maintenance of effective communication and consultative processes throughout the school. The review of school policies and procedures and the development of recommendations for improvement. Receiving and making recommendations on matters of concern presented by staff. Ensuring the development and maintenance of a professional development committee for the school. Ensuring the establishment and maintenance of a health and safety committee for the school.

Social Justice Representatives Information

Receive materials from BCTF (Social Justice magazine, posters, etc.) and distributes or post items. Attend Social Justice training. May want to book a Social Justice themed workshop at their school each year. May be involved in Social Justice work and can liaise with other teachers at other schools.