We really appreciate and support our Staff Reps and are always grateful for what they do for our members and the association. The staff rep is the peer of the principal in matters related to the interpretation and application of the Collective Agreement in the school. The tasks of the staff rep may be shared among reps, and we are always here to help, inform, and support you in this important role. We will also train you.  

Please fill in the School Information Update form with the names and contact info of reps, Pro D rep, Health and Safety rep and Staff Committee chair, and send it along to us promptly (STA courier #000, or electronically). We need to do this every year, even for returning reps, so that we have up to date records. We especially need to know all the reps’ non-school e-mail addresses so that we can contact you with any confidential updates as this is a bargaining year. If strike-action is planned, reps will be the main point of contact for your work site. 

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