The BCTF will be holding a virtual Women’s Wellness event on the evening of Thursday, June 10 and during the day of Friday, June 11, 2021.

The objectives for the 2021 Women’s Wellness Event include:

1. Provide an opportunity for members who identify as women to connect.
2. Provide time together in formal and informal activities that recognize the immense challenges this year and are focused on connection and wellbeing.

BCTF members who identify as women are invited to apply to attend this event. As the Women’s Wellness Event is distinct from the BCTF Women’s Institute, members who have attended previous Women’s Institutes are also welcome to apply.

In addition to the members of the Status of Women and Women in Negotiations cadre, who will be facilitating the event, participants will be selected as follows:

  • at least 20 members who identify as women and as members of another equity seeking group
  • up to 70 members who identify as women — selection will be by random draw after consideration is given to regional representation.

Apply to attend this by completing a form you will find at BCTF Opportunities for Members.

Application deadline: Friday, May 24, 4:30 p.m.

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