The deadline to apply to have your TTOC Experience transferred to your Contract Teaching Experience is June 30! Sign and send the form to the district (Attn: HR/Payroll). It might make you eligible for an incremental increase in September! 

Your pay increment (step level) is based on your teaching experience. Contract teachers move up one step on the pay scale after 10 months of full-time experience. Incremental increases take place automatically on September 1 and January 1 each year. 

TTOCs are also eligible to move up the pay scale based on their experience: 17 days of TTOC experience equals one month of contract experience. If you have received a contract this year, and have previously accumulated TTOC experience, you can complete a form asking Payroll to convert TTOC experience to contract experience, because the combination of the two might make you eligible for an incremental increase. 

Payroll will not do this unless you request that your TTOC days and contract months are merged. If you are a part-time contract teacher AND you work occasionally as a TTOC, you are also eligible to convert your accumulated TTOC experience to Contract experience. 

For example: Taylor Smith teaches three days per week at an elementary school in a contract assignment. On Thursdays and Fridays, they TTOC. Taylor has 70 days of TTOC experience accrued in their TTOC experience bank. They also have 7 months of contract teacher experience accrued. In June 2020, Taylor applied to have their TTOC experience transferred to their contract teacher bank. The 70 days Taylor has accrued will be converted to months by dividing by 17. 70 divided by 17 is 4 whole months with 2 days remaining. The four months will be transferred to Taylor’s contract teacher bank and the 2 days will remain in their TTOC bank. Taylor will now have 11 months in their contract teacher experience bank. This means that on September 1, 2020, Taylor moved from Step 0 on the salary grid to Step 1. Taylor will be able to transfer their TTOC experience twice per year. 

If there’s any confusion, or you have questions, please contact Grievance Officer, Kelli O’ Malley via

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