There are two main types of transfer grievances. In qualification grievances, a teacher is sometimes not shortlisted for an interview because the principal decided they were not qualified. In suitability grievances, a teacher was interviewed, but the principal considered a junior candidate demonstrably more suitable and offered them the job instead. 

The STA will use the expedited arbitration process in the Collective Agreement for transfer grievances. That means that timelines are very short, particularly for Round 2 grievances. You can find out if someone with less seniority was awarded the job by reviewing the Round 2 closed report published online June 21, 2022 once you are logged in to the District website. 

If you do find that a teacher with less seniority was awarded a job you applied for, or you feel you were well-qualified, or there might have been an irregularity in the process, please contact Gavin Slade-Kerr, Health and Safety/Grievance Officer at It is very important, given the short timelines, to seek advice about irregularities as soon as possible.

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