Want to get reimbursed for money spent on pro-d? Want to be the first to receive the weekly STA Connection and stay up to date with special opportunities for members and information about our union? Want to learn more about your rights at work? Then you would be perfect for one of the school union representative positions!

The Collective Agreement (A.29) requires that at the beginning of each school year, STA members in each workplace elect a staff representative(s), and that the staff representative(s) will advise the Principal/Vice Principal of their election. This week is a perfect time for this as we meet together multiple times to start up the new year, figure out our gym schedules, and rearrange classes.

Each work-site must have a minimum of one staff representative. Additional staff reps can be elected on the basis of one per every 15 teacher staff members or major portion thereof. (E.g. if your school has 32 teachers on staff, elect 2 staff reps. If there are 53 teachers on staff, elect 4 staff reps.) Remember that part-time and non-enrolling teachers are all individual members. Count up the total number to know how many reps you should have at your site.

In addition to Staff Representatives, elections should also be held for the Health + Safety Representative, the Professional Development Representative, the Social Justice Representative, and for the members of Staff Committee.

Once you have been elected as staff rep(s), please fill out the school information form indicating all of the various STA Representative positions, and send it to the STA office via email at or via courier at #000. Please endeavor to complete these elections before the first STARA meeting on Wednesday, September 18th.

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