Anti-Asian racism has become a daily reality for many Asian Canadians over the past year—at school, at work, and in the community.

We have seen this racism manifest in many forms, from violent physical attacks to hurtful memes, and everything in between. The rate of reported anti-Asian hate crimes has increased exponentially, and we know that many more racist acts still go unreported every day.

This is unacceptable. Every person deserves to live without fear of hate, violence, or discrimination; yet, so many people of Asian descent experience those fears every single day right here in BC.

We stand in solidarity with our Asian colleagues, students, parents, and community members and unequivocally condemn the anti-Asian violence, discrimination, and hate crimes that have skyrocketed since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. We see you and care about you deeply.

As a strong social justice union, the BCTF and our members work every day to help make the world a better place. We believe that every child has an equal right to education and a safe learning environment. That’s why it is our moral duty to speak out against hate, take action against racism, and inspire our students, families, and communities to join in the fight against racism. We also need to address systemic racism by advocating for changes to policies and structures that present barriers to full participation for people of Asian heritage.

It is simply not enough to just be “not racist”—we must all be actively and deliberately antiracist. We must also stand up and speak out when we see or hear something racist. A recent UBC article I’d encourage everyone to read lays out in clear terms how to be an “active witness” in the face of racism.

The BCTF’s work in antiracism education has grown and evolved over the past four decades. To learn more and access resources, please visit the antiracism page on our website or contact your local office.

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