Winning a scholarship/bursary is a happy and proud moment, not just for the winner but also for the parents, extended family, friends and, of course, the Surrey Teachers’ Association (STA) itself.

Our heartiest felicitations to all the awesome recipients of our Fall Awards who are listed below. We sincerely hope these awards open the gateways to your bright futures. We are so happy and proud of your achievements. Well done!

Ayushman Raj Sharma   STA Bursary

Van Dayton                       Jennifer Wadge Memorial Social Justice Surrey Student Award

Rowan Arkell                    STA Bursary

Kyla Lien Flynn                 STA Scholarship

Chelsea Hossack              STA Scholarship

Cherryne Im                     STA Scholarship

Jaden Lee                          STA Scholarship

Trevor Tong                      STA Scholarship

Sophia Worsley                STA Scholarship

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