If you become aware of unsafe or unhealthy conditions at the workplace and report it to someone at work or to WorkSafeBC, you are raising a health or safety issue. If you do so, you are legally exercising a right or carrying out a duty under the Workers Compensation Act.

It is illegal for an employer to penalize you for raising a health or safety issue at work. If you experience negative actions from your employer after raising a health and safety concern, you can submit a prohibited action (formerly known as a discriminatory action) complaint.

Prohibited action takes place when these three elements are present:

  • You notice a health and safety issue at your workplace
  • You raise the issue with your employer (or union) or WorkSafeBC; and
  • Your employer takes a negative action because you reported the issue
  • Examples of a negative action towards you by an employer are:
  • You are suspended or laid off, or your job is eliminated
  • You are demoted or an opportunity for promotion is taken away
  • Your duties are transferred to someone else
  • You are sent to another work site
  • Your wages are reduced or your working hours are changed
  • You are coerced or intimidated in some way
  • You are disciplined, reprimanded or penalized in any way

If you believe you have been subjected to a prohibited action, please contact Gavin Slade-Kerr at hs@surreyteachers.org.

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