Do you have a lot of missed Prep Time from this school year due to Failures to Fill? Do not fret! As per Article D.4.9 in the Working Conditions section of the Collective Agreement you are entitled to carry over your missed prep from this 2021-2022 school year to the next school year 2022-2023 even if you are moving to a new school. Check with your Admin to verify that all your missed prep is recorded.

From the Collective Agreement (Page 92 of 265):


Where an employee loses preparation time as a result of system-imposed factors such as covering other classes when a Teacher Teaching On Call is not available or in an emergency situation (e.g., see Article D.27.4.c):

*a. The Principal / Vice Principal will maintain a record of any such loss and the reason therefore,

*b. The employee will initial this record,

*c. The employee shall be entitled to compensatory preparation time at a time agreed to as convenient to the school administration and the employees concerned,

*d. A summary of all preparation time which has been lost and which has not yet been repaid will be forwarded on the last school day of each month to the Human Resources Department, with a copy given to the school staff representative.

*e. After the accumulated lost preparation time for a school reaches a full school day, the Principal / Vice Principal will consult the employee(s) concerned and the Human Resources Department to arrange for a Teacher Teaching On Call to be dispatched to repay the lost preparation time.

*f. In the event that an employee has not been repaid for lost preparation time by the end of the school year, the employee will carry this credit forward into the next school year.

Pro Tip: Keep a tracking document that records and calculates your missed and recovered prep.

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